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Are you a Food Addict?

Food addiction manifests itself in the uncontrollable craving for excess food that follows the ingestion of refined carbohydrates, primarily sugar and flour substances that are quickly metabolized and turned into sugar in the bloodstream.


Due to those uncontrollable cravings, a food addict's quality of life deteriorates when he or she eats sugar, flour or wheat. It can deteriorate physically, emotionally, socially and/or spiritually. 

Social Symptoms

• Do you eat in private so no one will see you? 
• Do you avoid social interactions because you feel you do not look good enough or do not have the proper fitting              clothes to wear? 
• Do you steal other people’s food? 
• Are you more interested in what food is served at social gatherings than looking forward to the warmth of being with   the people attending?


• Do you think you cannot control your intake of food, especially junk food or high sugar foods? 
• Have you tried different diets or weight loss programs, but none has worked permanently? 
• Have you found yourself vomiting, using laxatives, diuretics, or exercising a lot to avoid a weight gain after you have            eaten a lot?


Physical Symptoms

Spiritual Symptoms

• Do you feel that life would be fine if only certain people or things would change? 
• Do you pray and ask God to help you with your weight, and then feel your prayers aren’t answered?


Emotional Symptoms

• Do you find yourself feeling depressed, hopeless, sad or ashamed about your eating or your weight? 
• Do you find yourself eating when you are upset or reward yourself with food when you do something good? 
• Have you ever noticed after eating sugar, flour, or wheat that you become more irritable?


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